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Rain Water and Storm Water Harvesting

Rain water and storm water collection is a smart and environmentally friendly practice that can also save you money on your water and utility bills. It also lessens the amount of water racing into the storm sewer at peak times. 

The average American uses about 100 gallons of water per day for showers, toilet flushing, clothes washing, cooking and lawn watering.

Ace St. Louis LLC and Drainscapes designs and provides systems capable of harvesting rain water, without causing further problems related to guttering and drainage. 

Cistern Systems

R-Tank Systems

Custom R-Tank installations and designs provide underground storage of storm water.  This system can be used for detention, infiltration and recycling storm water.

Cistern Systems

Custom cistern installations and designs are available in poly and precast materials with capacities varying between 750 to 1,800 gallons.  Packages can be offered using both automatic irrigation systems and hand operated lift stations. Conventionally, guttering downspouts and area drains for your property are integrated into the cistern system.

Rain Barrels
Rain barrels, the simplest rain water collection devices, can save thousands of gallons of tap water each year, and save money and energy, too. The captured water is perfect for watering flowers, gardens and lawns.

We have handpicked the best rain barrel system, and added our guttering and drainage expertise to provide you with a package that is effective in rainwater harvesting, without sacrificing proper rainwater diversion. Our rain barrel packages start at $255. Please contact us for further information and availability.

American Rain Water Catchment Systems Association | OSHA Certified for Aerial Lift Operations | NDS Certified for Principles of Exterior Drainage

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